Getting married in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, a magical and unforgettable experience for everyone. In recent years many couples have chosen to tie the knot in a foreign destination, perhaps for more reliable weather, exotic landscape or the dream venue.  Italy has become one of the favoured destinations for weddings thanks to its stunning landscape, cultural and artistic heritage and let’s not forget the great food.  Tuscany has become the top destination for weddings as it has all of these characteristics in abundance.

As the birthplace of the renaissance it oozes with romance, the locations are stunningly beautiful and in terms of unique and magical venues – you will find these in abundance.  Let’s not forget the guests – The food and wine of Tuscany are unparalleled in quality and taste.  Tuscan cuisine offers something for everyone, even fussy children can be easily satisfied.  Depending where you are coming from another allure is the weather, Italy is blessed with its climate so there is little chance your big day will be ruined by rain.

A wedding venue with chairs in Tuscany.

Location, location, location

There are so many gorgeous locations in Tuscany, this is what makes it one of the top locations for destination weddings in the world.  What are the most popular places to get married?  This really depends whether you are looking for a city or rural setting.  Florence as the capital of Tuscany is a popular choice, or perhaps you would prefer a small rustic village with a medieval church.

The Chianti region lies between Florence and Siena and offers stunning scenery not mention great wine.  The favourites choices for a wedding in Italy are Chianti, Certaldo, Cortona, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Siena, Lucca and Volterra.  All of these offer myriad possibilities no matter the size of your wedding party or your budget.

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Because Tuscany has become so popular there are myriad options available in terms of location, size, character and charm, atmosphere, and of course, cost.  From restaurants, historic reception venues, small farmhouses and villas to grand elaborate affairs in private palaces or a fairy-tale castle wedding it is all possible thanks to Tuscany rich cultural history.

Wedding venues and packages fall into two main categories:

Daily Reception Venues which can host the ceremony and reception.  These include restaurants, historic venues, farmhouses and villas of all shape and size. Perhaps a grand renaissance palace.

The second option is Reception venue with accommodation.  Again, the possibilities are endless, from small farmhouses or villas set in rustic landscapes to sumptuously decorated villas and palaces for elegance and glamour.

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The Ceremony

There are three types of wedding ceremony you can celebrate in Italy: a civil wedding, a religious ceremony, or a symbolic blessing. Each has a distinct style and its own advantages and constraints. Do not assume that your choice of ceremony is available or legal in a foreign destination.  Choosing the right ceremony will affect a great deal of the decisions you make on timing, schedule, location and the overall feel of the day.  Because Tuscany is so popular as a wedding destination, no matter your religion, social and spiritual requirements these can be catered for.  Venues are available for all faiths from historic town halls, synagogues, mosques and outdoor venues for Hindu celebrations.  The finer cultural details can also be arranged from traditional foods to specific cultural traditions from scripture readings to henna tattooing.

In order to have a Catholic wedding in Italy you must be active in the church at home, be baptised, confirmed and have certificates to prove this including letters from your local parish church and Bishop.  In short, there is a good deal of bureaucracy  so you should arrange the details well in advance.

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When it comes to planning your wedding in Italy, we suggest you hire a wedding planner.  Organising a wedding is one of the most stressful experiences in a lifetime, as is dealing with Italian bureaucracy which can be confusing and time consuming.  Unless one of you is fluent in Italian and has local knowledge and connections, it is best to leave it to the experts.  An experienced wedding planner based in your destination will have access to local suppliers who have inside knowledge of the intimate workings of your chosen destination.  From suggesting venues, organising specific requirements for a personalised ceremony to sourcing the best caterers and of course advise you regarding possible unforeseen issues.

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When it comes to catering for your wedding – well what better place to be, where the wine is grown in the valleys, truffles hunted from the woodlands nearby and delectable foods at your fingertips to make your celebration a gastronomic dream.

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