Discovering Florence: Guide to Public Transportation
Mar 25, 2024

Discovering Florence: Guide to Public Transportation


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Transport in Florence

Florence has an excellent transportation system to help people get around the city easily. Buses and trams that run to many parts of the city. This well connected city ensures that you don’t require to rent a car. Palazzo Vecchio, The Duomo of Florence, and other amazing landmarks are all easily reached by public transportation. 

In Florence, the city centre is a restricted traffic zone, so only electric cars, taxis, buses, and other public transport can go there. If your hotel is outside the city and you've rented a car, you'll need a special permit to enter. You must pay a fee for this permit in advance. 

Please note that it’s important to get the permit before you enter. The fines for not having one can be expensive. 

Getting around Florence by bus is a convenient way to explore the city. To use the bus, you need to buy a ticket, which you can purchase from ticket machines located at bus stops or at tobacco shops. The tickets cost a certain amount, and you can choose between different options, like a single ticket or a day pass.

Once you have your ticket, you can board any bus within the city centre. The buses run regularly and can take you to popular attractions like the Santa Maria Novella train station or the city's historic centre. Make sure to validate your ticket once you board the bus to avoid fines. 

Using the bus is an affordable and efficient way to travel around Florence, allowing you to reach your desired destinations with ease while enjoying the city's sights and sounds.

That's why using public transportation is the best way to explore Florence. It saves you from worrying about permits and fines and the hassle of finding parking spots. Plus, it's convenient and easy to get around the city on buses and trams.

Buses are good for going to different places in Florence and even to nearby towns. Trams are like buses but run on tracks in the city. They are a fast way to travel and are comfortable too. 

Getting There: By Bus

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Make sure to validate your ticket or validate it via your app when you get onto a bus or tram to avoid problems. If you're going to be using transportation a lot, you can buy a pass for the day or week, which might save you money. 

For easy navigation, consider downloading the official Florence public transportation app (Autolinee Toscane), available for both IOS and Android users. A convenient way to access the transportation map and plan your routes effectively. 

Here are the most important bus routes in Florence.

Florence Busses

· Bus Line 1: Connects the city centre with important landmarks like the train station (Santa Maria Novella) and Piazzale Michelangelo, offering panoramic views of Florence

· Bus Line 7: Travels between the city centre and the Florence Airport (Amerigo Vespucci), providing a convenient option for travellers

· Bus Line 12: Connects the city centre with the Boboli Gardens and Piazzale Michelangelo, passing through scenic areas along the way

· Bus Line 23: Connects the city centre with Fiesole, a charming hillside town overlooking Florence, offering a glimpse of the Tuscan countryside


Getting There: By Tram

In Florence, trams provide another mode of public transportation, complementing the bus network. The tram system consists of several lines that primarily serve areas outside the historic city centre. 

One of the main tram lines is Line T1, which connects the city centre with the southern suburbs, passing through important areas such as the Florence Airport (Amerigo Vespucci) and the Careggi Hospital. 

Trams are a convenient option for travellers heading to destinations beyond the reach of buses or for those looking for an alternative to buses.

 They offer comfortable and efficient travel, with modern tram cars equipped with amenities such as air conditioning. 

Travelers can use the same tickets and passes for both buses and trams, making it easy to navigate the city using public transportation.

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Purchasing Bus/Tram Tickets

These are a few ways where you can buy tickets:

· Machines at tram/bus stations

·The Official ticket office located in Via Santa Caterina da Siena

· Authorised resellers: such as newspaper kiosk, bars, tobacco shops

·By App on your Smartphone: Only use the official app. Download Autolinne Toscane app from your chosen app store.

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